Hansen Yuncken ‘Makes A Mark’ on Community Focused Mental Health Facility

7 February, 2024

The grassroots ‘Make Your Mark’ mental health initiative has humble beginnings in the community focused Peacock Centre Redevelopment project. Since then, this organic movement has sparked mental health conversations across the business.

December 2016 saw the Peacock Centre significantly damaged by arson, spurring a ‘Redevelopment’ in the first instance. At the time, the facility was a hub for several mental health services and workers, all displaced.

In light of this significant setback, the Tasmanian Department of Health took this opportunity to implement an innovative approach to mental health care, working collaboratively with consultants to develop a vision for the new Centre – a multi service facility for people with mental health issues, designed to support personal empowerment, reduce stigma, and contribute to a more sustainable community.

The project is a blend of heritage refurbishment, with a new build element, designed with community and care at the forefront. The Centre will provide acute and continuing care options, accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Upon its planned opening in early 2023, the Centre will host four services, each new to Tasmania, providing contemporary, recovery focused and compassionate care – helping people to access the right support, at the right time.

Christmas Eve 2021 saw the project face another significant setback, as the result of a deliberately lit fire. This devastating loss for the project team and wider community, who had poured so much of their heart and soul into this community project, was felt by all.

‘In the end, what we do here, it’s more than just building.’

— Julian Proud, Construction Manager

Rich heritage elements from the original home, such as the grand staircase and detailed roof were lost forever and unable to be salvaged.

The unfortunate events catalyzed mental health conversations among the tight knit Tasmanian construction community, who had seen their work diminished overnight. The installation of vertical shiplap weatherboards with a charred finish saw the opportunity to transfer a distinct handprint onto an exposed wall – accompanied by a signature to demonstrate commitment and support toward mental health.

With over 80 handprints now proudly adorning the wall at the Peacock Centre, which includes the project team, subcontractors, project stakeholders, Hansen Yuncken team members, and members of the Hansen Yuncken Board and Tasmanian mental health advocates – each person has made their mark on this community focused project.

R U OK? Day marks a significant step in the Peacock Centre’s history, as the handprint wall will be officially closed today, allowing the project to progress another step forward in supporting the Tasmanian community.

‘Make Your Mark’ perfectly demonstrates how a simple conversation and listening to understand, could change a life.

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