In what is now known as “the information age”, the building and construction industry is adapting to technology in a way that is changing the role, approach and traditional skill base of builders.

At Hansen Yuncken we have experienced this convergence first hand and just over 5 years ago, we were presented with an opportunity to collaborate across multiple industries and adopt an innovative and fully integrated digital solution for the whole project life cycle for the new Royal Adelaide Hospital.

This shift in the use of information communication technology (ICT) continues to occur in two ways. For construction; site coordination and project management has evolved from 2D drawings into complex Building Information Modelling (BIM). Site teams are now able to access real time data from smart phones or tablets and complex digital management tools have been designed to improve efficiency, productivity and add value for the industry and its customers. In the projects we design, construct and maintain, we can now offer embedded ICT and automation leading to smart or intelligent buildings. These are designed to improve a building’s performance or the occupant’s productivity.

Many of our projects and experiences have contributed to our understanding of this convergence and this has culminated in our work on the new RAH which is the 1st Australian hospital PPP contract to specifically require the delivery and operation of an ICT integration system in conjunction with the Government’s ICT system. Here we have demonstrated best practice and leading management practices in the use and the design and construction of ICT systems.

Want to know more?

Hansen Yuncken’ ICT Director James Redwood is guest speaker at this year’s Australian Healthcare Week 15th - 16th March. In his presentation James will take attendees through the ICT journey on the new Royal Adelaide Hospital project and provide insight on digital solutions and lessons learnt.