85 tonne mega truss stops traffic at Newcastle's NeW Space

Aptly named for the vista, it provides out to Newcastle’s iconic headland, the installation of Nobby’s structure at the NeW Space project brought traffic to a halt as the 85 tonne structure was craned in to position.

Although completed without a hitch, the methodology and installation was a result of many hours of discussion and debate. Should it be stick built using cranes and a catch scaffold or could a novel approach be pursued based around lessons learnt on previous HY projects? It was agreed that a pre-fabricated lift was the most efficient and practicable from a safety and logistics perspective. Overall loads, wind and safe access post installation were all covered off and the team commenced “putting the meat on the bones” of the proposed approach. Cranage systems were revised and connection details altered as the methodology came together.

Following hundreds of hours of pre-planning and exploring multiple alternatives during the detailed planning, the Hansen Yuncken NeW Space team successfully erected the 85 tonne mega truss Nobby’s Extension assembly onto the X columns installed previously. A large crowd gathered on Hunter St to witness the lift and the successful installation of the 124 bolts required to tie it to the main structure.

The final methodology for the lift of the Nobby’s Mega Truss structure was completed utilising the following:
- A dual lift utilising two 500t cranes
- The total allowable weight of the lift was 100 tonne
- The Mega Truss structure connected on top of the 23 metre high 900mm diameter X-columns and connected to the building via 6 cast in plates over levels 5, 6 and 7
- The largest cast in plate positioned on level 6, is 3m high and weighs 1.5 tonne
- There are 124 x M36 bolted connections to the X-columns and cast-in plates
- Each bolted connected had a 2mm tolerance only

A seamless installation was a result of innovative thinking and a collaborative partnership between the client, designers, project teams and sub-contractors.

The Nobby’s structure forms part of the contemporary design which includes a number of ‘look outs’ located around the building incorporated to take advantage of views of key Newcastle landmarks. When completed, the structure will provide uninterrupted views of Nobbys Lighthouse and Newcastle harbour.