Coomera Indoor Sports Centre sprinting toward the homestretch

A sports stadium that will stand up on the world stage.

Hansen Yuncken is on the home stretch with handover of the Coomera Indoor Sports Centre for the 2018 Commonwealth Games only weeks away.

The $40m purpose built stadium has been developed to provide the legacy of a world class stadium to the local Coomera area providing basketball, volleyball and netball facilities as well as provision for other sports such as Futsal and gymnastics in the future. The Centre will also host the netball and gymnastics competition for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (GC2018).

With the GC2018 at the top of the agenda, the event itself has influenced the overall design and construction with the added consideration of the transformations required for the building to host up to 7,500 people daily during the GC2018 event. To achieve this, a number of details within the building have been built with deconstruction and reinstatement of building elements in mind. Not only that, construction planning methodologies and innovative installation methods have all been considered as part of this world class development including the use of a helicopter!

Delivery of installation of roof truss structure

22 trusses measuring 172m long, 82m wide and 4m in depth suspended 22.5m above the ground. Due to the large 82m span; each truss has been designed and fabricated in three individual truss sections. Due to the size of these elements, each was delivered at night under police and road escort. Once delivered, two truss sections were spliced together on the ground and then lifted into place. The third truss section was then erected using a separate crane and spliced at height. This was repeated 22 times without issue.

Installation of the roof top mechanical exhaust fans via helicopter

The 8 Mechanical Exhaust Fans were in two parts weighing up to 750 Kg’s each and were located approximately mid span of the 82m wide roof at over 22m in height above the ground. Due to the height and spans of the building, to install these elements conventionally with a mobile crane, they would have had to have been installed at separate intervals as the structural steel erection progressed. To avoid impeding the structural steel erection progress and having the mechanical subcontractor on site months before their main works were due to commence, a plan to install the 8 exhaust fans by helicopter in one installation was adopted. With over 2 months of complex planning and permit approvals required from CASA and the local council, the 16 individual lifts and installation onto the completed roof via helicopter took place successfully within 1.5hrs. This achievement was only made possible due to the high level of liaison, planning and safety coordination between all stakeholders.

Completion of the Coomera Indoor Sports Centre is quickly approaching

Internal finishes and external civil works are progressing well as the project focuses on achieving Practical Completion in mid-2016.