Richard Hansen State Manager of Victoria shares his perspective

The Melbourne office is enjoying a period of growth and we see solid prospects for our business over the next three years and beyond.

Melbourne is experiencing rapid population growth of around 100,000 people a year which has and will continue to dramatically reshape our city. The additional population will of course require homes, offices and social and business infrastructure of many and various kinds. We are in a great position to deliver these facilities for our clients.

In the past few years. we have invested heavily in technology, systems and people, and there is a great sense of optimism amongst our staff. One of our key projects in Melbourne is the St John of God/Generation Health Care, Berwick Hospital which is quickly rising out of the ground adjacent to the Princes Freeway in Berwick. This $120m project is typical of the opportunities that will present itself in the near future, with the Berwick/Cranbourne corridor being one of the fastest growing municipalities in the nation. We are delivering this project utilising BIM and we have initiated the utilisation of modular systems.

We look forward to seeing great productivity gains from these investments. Whilst there are question marks over the political system and the ability to implement programs, the private sector is just getting on with it, and we are very happy to partner with innovative firms who value our style of collaborative and professional building services.