Embracing sustainability to feed Victoria’s most hungry

Hansen Yuncken is supporting The Goodman Foundation as they construct a one acre charity garden for FareShare, a Melbourne based Food Rescue organisation.

A disused plot of land on one of Australia’s busiest airports has been donated by Moorabbin Airport Corporation and the Goodman Foundation. FareShare Kitchen Garden, Moorabbin Airport will become an important source of vegetables for the community. Hansen Yuncken, along with our trade partners, facilitated the base construction of the vegetable beds.

This exciting new initiative on Second Avenue, beside the Australian National Aviation Museum, will establish scores of raised beds to create a fully-functioning kitchen garden run by volunteers.

“The final components of the garden are currently being completed and FareShare volunteers are now busy planting hundreds of vegetables - a critical factor in their ability to continue to feed thousands of vulnerable Victorians each week.”
– Goodman Foundation

Through the volunteer programs of FareShare, the Kitchen Garden will also provide an opportunity for the local community to participate in the garden maintenance. We are privileged to assist with a project such as this, which assists in enhancing environments for the benefit of the local vulnerable communities.