The 6-week countdown begins for Australia’s largest hospital

As the largest and undoubtedly, most complex hospital in the Southern Hemisphere, the new Royal Adelaide Hospital has brought together construction experts from around the globe to build what has been the cornerstone of healthcare design, construction and engineering.

Reaching Commercial Acceptance on the 13th June 2017, the new Royal Adelaide Hospital has commenced its 6-week countdown as preparations ramp up for the 5th September opening.

The project, which has been widely publicised since its original conception in 2006, has overcome a number of challenges throughout its tenure but is now getting the attention that a world-class hospital truly deserves.

Hansen Yuncken CEO Peter Salveson, who spent 21 months as Project Director on the mega-project said, “finally the new RAH will get the recognition that a standout project truly deserves. All Hansen Yuncken clients who have visited the project have been impressed, not only by the sheer complexity of the building but also the high quality and standard of the finished product. There is no doubt that this will be a world class facility, of which, Hansen Yuncken can be really proud”.

Several public tour days of the $2 billion facility have just concluded. With no shortage of commentators or critics, it has definitely stirred the curiosity of South Australians, with all 5,500 tour tickets booked out within two hours of their release.

South Australian Health Minister Jack Snelling said the response had been positive.

"People have been blown away by the size of the hospital," he said.

"Also by the ability that we've been able to incorporate the latest technology, and the latest in hospital design thinking from around the world."

A member of the public who attended Thursday’s tour commented “I thought it was absolutely fantastic, the way it all seems to be so well coordinated, so modern and it’s obviously been designed with the patient in mind. You almost ‘want’ to be in here.”

Whilst another said: “It’s just so vibrant, it’s warm, it’s soothing to the soul I would say”.

Following the last and final construction milestone on the 13th June, an intensive 90-day transitional period has taken the hospital through its paces with commissioning, testing and orientation of thousands of hospital staff. Medical professionals have undertaken a variety of training scenarios to ensure the dedicated routes and facilities are suited to the needs of patients in critical conditions.

Now, with only 6 weeks until the doors open, the State has commenced the ramp down activities to minimise the risk and disruption to patients during the move.

The 5th September opening will be a celebratory day for the 24,000 people who have worked on the new Royal Adelaide Hospital Project during its construction.

Peter added, “As a business we have maintained our commitment in delivering over $1b of projects nationally, and are privileged that our clients and industry partners have retained their confidence in us, throughout the journey of this project”.

Revisit footage from the new Royal Adelaide Hospital Construction