Helping to drive a digitalised future for construction

Investing into future generations of constructors, Hansen Yuncken is proud to have such a successful cadet program in place. As the construction industry continues to transform, Hansen Yuncken sees the potential to attract and train the best of tomorrow’s construction professionals to make a difference.

Our cadets are given the opportunity to gain experience across all construction disciplines covering estimating and pre-construction, engineering and contracts admin. Giving our cadets hands on experience equips them with the technical knowledge, tools, involvement and leadership skills that will help to shape their careers.

One key focus of the undergraduate program is training our cadets in the latest field technology. Training is delivered through a blend of on the job training, scheduled internal training programs, and external training providers. This training is on various Virtual Design and Construction technologies like Revit, Navisworks, BIM 360 Glue, Asta and BIM.

Ben Hilder a NSW cadet believes the training provides significant benefits on multiple fronts. The increased capabilities in BIM have provided benefits on a personal level through enhanced efficiencies and accuracies in everyday tasks, consequently producing benefits on a project level seen through improved project deliverables and ultimately outcomes. Whilst working on the Dubbo Hospital Redevelopment, Ben could quickly comprehend construction staging and the building makeup enabled by 3D and 4D models. Being able to identify changes in materials and their quantities, typical of a D&C, was also able to be automised; enabling increased accuracy and efficiency of required comparisons.

With the growth in BIM and Digital Models being developed by our consultants and subcontractors, it is important for our teams to have the skillsets to be able to interrogate and analyse for constructability and coordination in the delivery of our projects.

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