Drones are changing the way the industry operates and it’s a far cry from simple photography

The presence of drones in construction means significant changes within the industry. Drones have begun changing the way the construction industry operates and it’s a far cry from simple photography requirements.  Hansen Yuncken embarked on the drone journey back in 2015 utilising the robotics firstly for “never before seen” aerial imagery, however it wasn’t long before the full potential was realised.

Our teams across the country are recognising the benefits of using drone data as a convenient and affordable way to improve their estimating, design, construction and safety processes.

Although not appropriate for all projects and locations, having a full birds eye view of a construction site at every stage is becoming more critical for running an efficient construction operation.

Drone technology is helping to empower our onsite teams to capture and generate data, track project progress against design, measure volumes, distances, grades and heights at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional ground surveys. In addition, drones are being used to enhance the safety of our sites.

Combining drone data with an array of integrated management systems including BIM360 and our enterprise system, HYway, our teams are able to analyse the status of the project in real time and access information at their fingertips.

Whether its technology, or a more efficient approach to construction, Hansen Yuncken is at the forefront of change.

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