A Message From The CEO - Setting The Foundations For Hansen Yuncken's 4th Generation

The construction industry today is vastly different to when our founding partners commenced their journey in 1918. No longer the horse and dray or self-performing work, today we are more akin to a management services organisation, delivering our clients vision.

We are a sophisticated management organisation, shouldering the responsibility for site safety, time performance and cost and quality control of complex projects for our clients, all the while managing key risks.

Across our business, we have proven processes and procedures, developed over many years, that can be attributed to Hansen Yuncken’s stability, consistency and 100 years’ longevity.

There is a complex mixture of the way our people work and behave that combine to form a “unique recipe” that creates, delivers and maintains value for our clients. We have strong positive leaders, great people with the right skills who are equipped with the right tools.

Alongside that, we have a steadfast belief that our clients matter, and an appreciation for our people, the ones at the front line, our single biggest asset and our source of knowledge and performance.

We will soon be a $1.5bn business because we are set up well for success. Together, we will continue to shape the future of this great business.

Peter Salveson
Chief Executive Officer