The Hedberg’s 21st Century Solution To Building Sustainability

It is one of Tasmania’s most ambitious arts projects and a contemporary landmark for Hobarts CBD but the $96 million development is also creating new opportunities to enhance construction efficiencies whilst addressing the vital acoustic and design requirements for this iconic performing arts facility.

Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) is cited as the 21st century solution to building sustainability. It can be more cost effective than structural steel or concrete and outperform conventional framed construction materials in many applications.

So, how is CLT adding value to The Hedberg Project?

CLT was introduced at The Hedberg during the pre-contract award value management phase, in part as a cost competitive alternative to conventional linings and in part to reduce the projects dependency on plasterboard resource constraints in the buoyant local industry.

Following an extensive offsite acoustic testing regime in late 2017, Hansen Yuncken, XLam and the consultant team moved efficiently through a shop drawing process to fast track supply of CLT across The Hedberg Project. The use of a LOD300 BIM model and a focus by all parties on ‘locked-in’ production dates saw shop drawings produced, reviewed and approved ahead of schedule.

At a cost of approximately $800,000, the planning and execution process associated with the CLT will be fundamental to a successful project outcome. A trial panel installation was initiated as part of the planning process to test the unwrapping, lifting, panel pre-installation preparation and installation. The overall process helped to validate early planning assumptions and allowed certain aspects of the install methodology to be refined ahead of commencing full installation.

The production and supply of the initial CLT panels has occurred well in line with program requirements for the main performance spaces, including the Recital Hall, Studio Theatre and Salon. The shop drawing phase has now been completed with the final floor panels for the UTAS Conservatorium of Music spaces due to be delivered to site in the coming month.

A key feature of The Hedberg acoustic design is the use of box-in-box construction. Across all three of the main performance spaces, CLT forms the majority of the acoustically isolated inner box, with precast or in-situ concrete forming the outer box. Whist the CLT will be largely concealed in the Recital Hall and Salon, it forms part of the seen architectural finish within the Studio Theatre.

As a relatively new product to the Tasmanian market, Hansen Yuncken has worked with local installers to assist in developing their knowledge and understanding of the product and to ensure informed, competitive tender pricing. The latter was achieved by working with the supplier, installer and consultant team to resolve optimal panel sizing, fixing details, material handling strategies and installation sequences for each space which in total includes 458 panels, each 105mm thick and a total weight of approximately 230t.

With a number of project opportunities around the country requiring CLT, Hansen Yuncken are actively capturing lessons learnt and sharing knowledge across both industry and the broader Hansen Yuncken business.

A grand performance in the making, watch The Hedberg come to life via live webcam.