Taking the Long View And Creating A Culture That Cares

In 1918, Lauritz Hansen and Otto Yuncken understood that their future success relied on the quality of the people in their employ. Projects could be won or lost on the basis of the people they recruited, trained and nurtured. Today, Hansen Yuncken continues to focus on its people – to carefully select employees and then endeavour to offer opportunities for training, further education and career advancement. We know the future depends on it.

Hansen Yuncken is not about rank or position, whether you are a Graduate, Administrator, Site Manager or an Executive everyone is treated with the same level of respect. And if you happen to meet a Board member in the corridor or on a site visit, you can guarantee a friendly and genuine exchange.

‘For any number of clients, there’s instant recognition of the name and the brand, and the association with construction in Australia for a hell of a long time. It’s an advantage to a client to have access to the top level. If you want to, you can pick up a phone and talk to Richard Hansen or Peter Hansen just like that. You’re not going through three different people and being put on hold. They’re very approachable.’ — Jason Cox, Hume Regional Manager

‘The employees at Hansen Yuncken take great pride in the company’s brand – the way the company is seen by its clients, competitors and the general public. Hansen Yuncken senior management is extremely supportive. They give you responsibility and autonomy, which fosters ownership. They also support you when the going gets tough.’ — Terry Rogers, Project Administrator

‘The culture at Hansen Yuncken is about understanding and providing equal opportunity to all staff. Any person with the required talent and right attitude to succeed will not be disappointed working at HY.’ — Leo Maria, Project Manager

‘I joined the HY trade apprentice training program after I left school and spent four years doing my trade. There were some great guys to learn from and some great projects I was involved in. Whilst the training in knowing how to build was good, the industry and HY are changing. I have since recognised the skills I need are now more aligned to managing people and projects – dealing with subcontractors and administrating contracts. I made the decision to undertake the Construction Management Degree course. So, after four years of trade training and five years of doing my degree part-time, I think I am pretty much trained for this industry. But, you know, I don’t think I will ever stop learning to solve the challenges that get thrown at you.’ — Josh Beslich, Project Engineer

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