Partnerships Built On Trust - Interview With Directors Peter Hansen and Ron Beslich

Unique in every sense, trusted partnerships has seen Hansen Yuncken succeed over 100 years in a competitive and versatile market. Now firmly in the hands of the Hansen and Beslich families, Peter Hansen and Ron Beslich remain active directors. But how did this partnership come about?

In the mid-1980s, Peter Hansen was actively seeking opportunities to enter the NSW market. The ideal scenario was to establish a joint venture company with another established family builder, one with local experience and the right people on the ground, one that shared the same values and culture as Hansen Yuncken.

After a number of years of groundwork and through joint connections to the AIB, Peter Hansen approached LW Giles, a Sydney-based family builder led by Ron Beslich. In 1989, Hansen Yuncken expanded into the NSW market in partnership with LW Giles.

Painful economic times were no obstacle for the freshly minted Hansen Beslich joint venture (Hansen Giles Pty Ltd). Its first major project was to deliver the $38 million fast-track Ansett Terminal at Sydney Airport, which was done ahead of time, despite redesign and re-documentation to major areas. Hansen Giles went on to complete more than $80 million of work for Ansett during this period.

The rest is history…. Find out more about the partnership in an exclusive interview with Peter Hansen and Ron Beslich.