Be A Voice for Generations: Hansen Yuncken Commemorates National Reconciliation Week

In a show of support for National Reconciliation Week, Hansen Yuncken participated in initiatives to strengthen our commitment to Indigenous partnerships and foster reconciliation in Australia. With a strong foundation built on inclusive, innovative and sustainable projects, we aim to actively create positive change for Indigenous communities.

National Reconciliation Week, observed annually from May 27 to June 3, is a time to acknowledge the rich cultures, history and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. This year's theme, "Be A Voice for Generations," emphasises the need for tangible actions to drive reconciliation and foster understanding for future generations.

Hansen Yuncken's commitment to reconciliation goes beyond words. Embarking on the next step in our reconciliation journey, the Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) - a comprehensive roadmap that includes several initiatives designed to strengthen partnerships with Indigenous communities, project partners and businesses. The Innovate RAP will focus on promoting Indigenous employment, training opportunities and meaningful supply chain procurement across our operations.

Throughout National Reconciliation Week, our teams participated in immersive experiences - Smoking Ceremonies on site and cultural awareness training to foster better understanding and respect for Indigenous cultures. By educating our people about the significance of Indigenous history, traditions and protocols, we aim to create a more inclusive and culturally sensitive work environment.

The official opening of our recently completed education project - Googong Public School, coincided with National Reconciliation Week. Located alongside the New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory border, the state of the art education facility was officially opened by local Aboriginal Elder, Aunty Matilda House, who worked collaboratively alongside our project partners to integrate inclusive design at every opportunity - driving reconciliation and fostering understanding for generations to come.

One of the highlight activities throughout the week was the nationwide, interactive online panel discussion with Supply Nation, Carter & Osborne Electrical and ABcare, spotlighting our recently completed Coffs Harbour Hospital Expansion Refurbishment Project. With an Aboriginal spend upwards of 14%, the project significantly impacted the local Indigenous community – creating training and employment opportunities. 

When speaking about these initiatives, Peter Salveson, CEO of Hansen Yuncken, expressed his enthusiasm for driving positive impact.


"We are proud to embrace National Reconciliation Week and reaffirm our commitment to reconciliation in Australia," he said. "By actively engaging with Indigenous communities, enhancing cultural awareness, and creating opportunities for Indigenous participation, we aim to build a future where diversity is celebrated and everyone has equal opportunities."


Hansen Yuncken's dedication to reconciliation reflects a broader movement within the construction industry to foster Indigenous inclusion. By working together and taking concrete steps toward reconciliation, we are proud to play a role in a more equitable and inclusive Australia.