Hansen Yuncken and Autodesk: A Shared Vision

The partnership between Autodesk and Hansen Yuncken signifies our shared vision for the future of construction. Autodesk, with its extensive portfolio of innovative digital solutions, sought a partner that not only embraced technological advancements but also demonstrated a commitment to excellence in project delivery.

We are thrilled to further this partnership, as a Lighthouse Customer - playing a pivotal role in testing and providing feedback on new technologies and solutions. This partnership demonstrates our willingness to be at the forefront of industry transformation and showcases our commitment to pioneering best practices in construction.


Autodesk Construction Cloud: Revolutionising Project Management

At the heart of this collaboration is Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC), a comprehensive suite of construction management solutions designed to connect teams, workflows, and data in real time. ACC encompasses a range of tools and features, including project planning, document management, and collaboration tools, all integrated into a single platform.

The strategic investment from Autodesk is earmarked to facilitate the rapid deployment and implementation of ACC across our projects. This will empower our project teams to leverage the full potential of ACC, streamlining project management processes, reducing inefficiencies, and enhancing overall project delivery.


Key Features of Autodesk Construction Cloud

  1. Unified Platform: ACC provides a unified platform that integrates various aspects of construction project management. From design and planning to execution and handover, all stakeholders can collaborate seamlessly on a single platform.
  2. Realtime Collaboration: The cloud based nature of ACC enables realtime collaboration among project teams, regardless of their physical location. This fosters better communication, reduces delays, and enhances overall project efficiency.
  3. Document Management: ACC's robust document management system ensures that all project related documentation is centralised, organised, and easily accessible. This not only improves document control but also minimises the risk of errors resulting from outdated information.
  4. Insightful Analytics: The platform offers powerful analytics tools, providing project stakeholders with valuable insights into key performance indicators. This data driven approach allows for informed decision making, ultimately leading to more successful project outcomes.

The substantial investment from Autodesk represents more than just a financial commitment; it symbolises a vote of confidence in our ability to drive innovation. The impact of this investment is multi faceted; accelerated technology adoption and enhanced project delivery.


Exploring the Health Translation Hub (HTH) Project

In a show of collaboration, Autodesk joined our project team for a site visit to the Health Translation Hub (HTH) project. This hands on experience allowed Autodesk's leadership to witness the practical application of their technology and engage directly with the our talented delivery team.

A guided tour of the HTH project site provided the Autodesk team with the opportunity to observe the construction processes, safety measures, and the overall project environment. Not merely an observation; it was a platform for active collaboration. The Autodesk team engaged in discussions with our design and delivery team, gaining valuable insights into how ACC was integrated into the day to day operations. This collaborative exchange of ideas, challenges, and solutions strengthened the partnership between Autodesk and Hansen Yuncken.


Feedback Loop

A crucial aspect of the site visit was the feedback loop. Autodesk team members actively sought feedback from the project team regarding the usability, effectiveness, and impact of ACC on their workflows. This iterative process of feedback collection is integral to Autodesk's commitment to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.


Building Stronger Relationships

Beyond the technical aspects, the site visit served as an opportunity to build stronger relationships. Face to face interactions between Autodesk and our project team fostered a deeper understanding of each other's goals, challenges, and expectations. This personal connection is invaluable in maintaining a collaborative and productive partnership.

The collaboration exemplifies the commitment of both Autodesk and Hansen Yuncken to push the boundaries of construction technology. The success of this partnership will not only influence the trajectory of the work we deliver, but will also inspire others to embrace innovation, reshaping the future of construction.


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