Exceptional Work Health & Safety is about empowerment – Not just a process

The  construction industry, by its nature, is characterised by resources, supply and demand and potential situations of conflict. As builders, we face heavy time demands coupled with stringent sequencing of tasks. Often the site logistics, project complexity and duration can result in an autocratic approach to solving safety problems.

For us, exceptional Work Health & Safety is about empowerment – not just a process. It’s about creating an environment that encourages and rewards safe practices and risk-prevention initiatives. It’s about understanding worker’s personal circumstances, checking in, offering positive mental health initiatives and being open to talking about how you feel. This reaffirms our positive safety culture on every project, so our worker’s feel valued, supported and motivated to bring their best. Every time.

This attitude in creating a harmonious Safety Culture is embedded in our DNA, we dont just talk about it, we action it.

Following many successful partnerships spanning over 5 years, our Lavington Sports Ground Redevelopment Team has partnered with SafeWork NSW to create an alliance that aims to achieve effective and sustained work health and safety across the project from start....to finish.

In a commitment to achieve safer workplaces, Hansen Yuncken and SafeWork NSW will cooperate to develop practical and cost effective solutions that address safety issues, the right way.  And it doesn’t stop there, regular communications, toolbox talks, site visits, inspections and the promotion of safety performance will help enhance overall workplace health, safety and injury management.

The benefits of open communication and a collaborative approach is invaluable for our projects. As is stepping up and being recognised as an industry leader in the Health and Safety space.

Think - Safety First