Bold new horizons: CEO Magazine delve into the detail with CEO Peter Salveson

As Hansen Yuncken celebrates 100 years of building, CEO Peter Salveson is focused on leading the historic company into the future.

One of the things Peter loves most about working in the construction and property industry is its tangibility. With a career spanning more than 30 years, Peter has been involved in the construction of some very impressive buildings.

“In our industry, there is a piece of physical infrastructure that stays with communities for a very, very long time,” he explains. “I’m sure there are plenty of people in our team who have driven past these buildings with their kids and have pointed out the window and said, ‘Look, I helped build that!’ It’s very rewarding.”

After joining Hansen Yuncken more than two decades ago, Peter worked his way up through the ranks and became CEO in 2016. “As CEO, I believe my key responsibilities are setting the culture and the strategic direction for the business,” he says.

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