IN REVIEW: Our process and consideration goes well beyond operational requirements

Upfront stakeholder engagement has been critical in assimilating complex user requirements into the vital health facilities we are building.

Our process and consideration of needs goes well beyond operational requirements in order to truly maximise patient care, and engage community spirit. After all, this fundamental social infrastructure is of utmost importance to us all.

As a business, our digital philosophy is our distinct advantage because it’s what we practice as a matter of course – scoping, specification and implementation of BIM and VDC processes, management and systems. The ability to simulate buildings, spaces and activities in a virtual sense generates a greater capacity to critique both positive and negative aspects of a design/solution. Our experience has been that this process provides a forum to fine tune the design through the provision of geometrically and contextually accurate depictions of a space, which is not always achieved through the presentation and review of 2D or even 3D design. And the benefit? Optimising outcomes through targeted risk mitigation, design tuning and suitable adoption of efficient and safe methodology – ultimately achieving significant time and cost savings through design development and improved stakeholder knowledge and expectations.

Communication, transparency and value management savings - This is what comes from intelligent solutions.

No doubt, we can deliver multi-million dollar large scale developments, numerous smaller scale upgrades and expansions, specialist cancer and mental health centres, as well as luxurious senior living facilities – our portfolio growth and capacity is proof of this. But we don’t do it sitting on the sidelines. We help make a difference where it counts. From community competitions and reflective community gardens, to championing our local charities, we’re continually investing in the social fabric around us. It’s the heart and the smarts of every build – that’s how we do it.


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