For technically challenging builds, Hansen Yuncken is at your services

Facilities requiring physical or biosecurity containment, or health and medical grade accreditations – for instance Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), or American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) - have technically challenging and complex services which is best integrated into the building design from an early stage, so a contractor known for careful planning and innovative thinking is highly regarded.


In the construction world, services encompass the electrical and mechanical systems within buildings which work to make the structure comfortable, functional, efficient, and safe. While systems such as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), and energy supply and distribution may first come to mind, building services also includes lighting, information and communications technology (ICT), lightning protection, refrigeration, security and alarms, façade engineering, building control systems, fire safety, transport systems such as escalators and lifts, plumbing and drainage, and emissions calculation and reduction tools.


Hansen Yuncken’s use of BIM technology to map base building elements and manage complex services installations can assist in ensuring such builds reach the standards required to achieve any desired certifications.


“We bring extensive expertise in building laboratory facilities including careful planning and innovative thinking, using BIM technology to map base building elements and manage complex services installations to the project.” 


Greg Baumann – QLD State Manager, Hansen Yuncken.


Outside of laboratories, buildings with an increased need for services may include those which require contamination control for protection of product or processes such as aerospace, microelectronics, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, healthcare, and food, for instance:

  • hospital and health facilities which must consider air handling (airflow management, air filtration, pressure gradients and humidity) for infection control in operating theatres, as well as exposure to hazards such as infectious substances, radioactive materials, anaesthetic gases, decontamination agents, and machinery.

  • industrial buildings such as food processing and cold storage centres, and

  • art galleries and museums which may have temperature-controlled exhibition and storage spaces to protect and preserve collections such as one of our recently completed projects, the Gold Coast City Council’s Home of the Arts (HOTA) Gallery which was built to a AAA rating to meet international standards for touring exhibitions of fine art. Learn more about the making of HOTA Gallery here.

Examples of our recent Queensland projects with complex services include:

  • UQ Plant Growth Facility

  • Vaxxas Biomedical Facility

  • USC Moreton Bay Foundation Building

  • UQ Andrew N. Liveris Building

  • Hervey Bay Hospital Emergency Department Redevelopment

  • Hilton Foods Australia QLD Meat Processing and Distribution Facility

  • HOTA Gallery.