Newcastle Airport Expansion


$14 million

Delivery Method DC


The Newcastle Airport expansion (Xpand Project) consisted of four stages of work, while the airport facility remained operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Stage 1 consisted of a 2,600m2 extension to the existing terminal facility including airside asphalt upgrade works. Stage 2 saw the refurbishment of the existing arrivals hall, and Stage 3 delivered a new secure screening and check-in area, new amenities (separate amenities facilities for the check-in hall) and external work to extend awnings. Stage 4 works included a new arrivals lounge with bar, café and seating facilities.

The new extended arrivals terminal has capacity for international flights, with dedicated Border Agency facilities including Customs, Quarantine and Immigration, and new café facilities. On completion of the Xpand Project, Newcastle became the first airport in Australia to have the three Border Agencies amalgamated into a shared space. The design process for the Border Agencies was detailed and extensive, to ensure that all three agencies signed off on the final layout, finishes and fixtures.