ASC Shipyard Development


$109 million

Delivery Method MC


Incorporating the latest production design features currently used in international naval build programs, the ASC Shipyard is recognised as the most modern of its kind in Australia. Across the huge 14 hectare site, Hansen Yuncken refurbished existing buildings and provided site-wide services infrastructure including sewer, stormwater, civil and pavement construction to support shipbuilding activities, car parking, electrical, communications and security systems, industrial and other gas distribution systems and construction of a series of new industrial and support buildings and structures.
Meticulous planning was necessary due to the extensive, concurrent construction activities across the site, resulting in the following new facilities:

  • 3800m2 pre-outfit workshop
  • Wharf support building
  • Office accommodation for up to 75 people
  • Administration and program support building catering for up to 350 people
  • 100 seat canteen and corporate support facilities
  • Electrical workshop
  • Security support building