Greater Shepparton Secondary College


Delivery Method D&C

Under Construction

The Greater Shepparton Secondary College is set to be a big school built with tremendous community spirit and heart. Delivering unprecedented educational opportunities for students in the Greater Shepparton Region, this leading edge facility will be the largest in the area, built for the Victorian School Building Authority.

Driving progressive change for innovative learning spaces capable of housing up to 2,700 students, the contemporary design replaces traditional classrooms with a new ‘school within a school’ model. This is achieved through a series of smaller school buildings, conceived as house-like pods to form three intimate ‘Neighbourhoods’.

Steadily advancing, each Neighbourhood features three houses, providing smaller, more inclusive and flexible settings for students. The new addition, an Enterprise and Innovation Centre, will provide specialist teaching and learning areas for science, music, arts, drama, robotics and material technology. Not to be forgotten, the original schoolhouse will be reimagined for health and wellbeing services. Fast tracked to welcome students in 2022, this rapid build will raise the bar in revolutionising the delivery of secondary education.