Sydney Coliseum Theatre


$100 million

Delivery Method GMP


The Sydney Coliseum Theatre is a new multi-purpose entertainment complex located in the heart of Western Sydney. This unique and exciting venue will create a hub for the arts, culture and entertainment, bringing new flavour to the region.

The flexible design allows multiple modes of operation, with capacity to house 2,000 seated patrons in the proscenium arch theatre space, or 500+ seated guests banquet-style. The interiors can be reconfigured into intimate event spaces or set up to entertain large crowds attending live concerts.

The Sydney Coliseum Theatre has already become a cultural landmark and theatrical home for theatre, concerts and entertainment in Greater Western Sydney. With awe-inspiring architecture and sleek curved lines, the stunning multi-mode venue will undoubtedly attract major headline acts and international performing arts exhibitions.

With doors opening in December 2019, the Sydney Coliseum has played host to the likes of Keith Urban, David Campbell, Dame Edna and the Australian Ballet. This new entertainment hub of Western Sydney is an unprecedented project, set to change the face of the theatrical landscape in NSW and nationally.