Bunnings Warehouse Kingsgrove


$35 million

Delivery Method DC


Positioned on the corner of Kingsgrove Road and Richland Street, Kingsgrove stands the newest addition to the ever-expanding Bunnings “Supacentre” Warehouse. Officially opened in September 2016, the store is the second largest of the 68 warehouses to open in New South Wales.

A four-storey facility featuring just over 16,000m2 of retail floor area, 10,000m2 of which was required to be of a high-lustre, burnished finish. The warehouse, with its 410 below ground parking spaces, visually dominates the local area and has been warmly received by both residential and commercial neighbours. With an overall height of 23.2m from basement ground slab to parapet, the new store boasts an operations and administration area, public café, children’s play area, outdoor nursery and drive-through trade area, while six autowalks and four elevators direct the constant stream of customers. Two additional hydraulic goods lifts complete the back of house area.