Villawood Detention Centre


$178 million

Delivery Method MC

Under Construction

Villawood Immigration Detention Facility (VIDF) is the primary facility for immigration detention on Australia’s east coast, as well as the largest and only general-purpose facility of its type on the Australian mainland. In redeveloping the facility, Hansen Yunken delivered upgraded accommodation, central and support facilities, including control rooms, reception and processing areas, offices and visitor facilities (including car parking), medical and mental health facilities, education and library facilities, sporting and recreational, kitchen, dining and maintenance facilities. This project is focused on bringing the facility into line with community standards for living conditions, and into compliance with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP)’s standards for design and fit-out, DDA and BCA regulations.

Stage 2 of the redevelopment presented the additional challenges of a live site, with detainees living within the centre, creating the need to delineate works from residences. Hansen Yuncken constructed further multi-purpose and special care accommodation, as well as additional amenities and recreational facilities. Hansen Yuncken also implemented world-first innovative solutions for electronic security and detection systems, as well as innovative aluminium window technology.

Managing dozens of government stakeholders, Hansen Yuncken facilitated this project’s delivery within a highly secure operational environment. By working intensively with the DIBP, Hansen Yuncken is working to ensure commissioning requirements are met and the facility is handed over to the government smoothly.