Barwon Prison Infill Expansion (PIE)


$133 million

Delivery Method DC

Under Construction

The Prison Infill Expansion (PIE) project program, led by the Community Safety Building Authority, involves extensive upgrades to the existing maximum security prison at Barwon Prison located in Lara, Victoria.

The delivery of this project is extremely complex, with multiple stages across many different locations on site. Works include the delivery of a 240-bed accommodation expansion (3 cell buildings split between several zones), a new temporary sally port, plus a range of upgrades and new facilities across the prison.

The project also includes the integration of 168 offsite prefabricated steel modular cells (manufactured by external suppliers), the first time in Victoria where prefabricated steel cells are being used in a prison.

Having delivered over 40 high security correction and justice facilities across Australia over the past decade alone, HY’s detailed understanding of the staging, quality and security arrangements required for the rapid delivery of this exceptionally complex, high security project will be paramount.