Alf Ludlow, (right) shaking hands with Max Hansen, former Managing Director, (left). Peter Hansen, former Chairman (on far right), Alan Embury, former National Financial Manager and Company Secretary 1980-1983 (centre rear).

Alf Ludlow was Hansen Yuncken's first apprentice when he joined the company in 1921. His first job as foreman was the Ruskin Motor Body Works in West Melbourne in 1927. During the Depression, in 1930, he was laid off and resumed employment with the firm in July 1931 on the Myer Emporium project. In 1934 he was the foreman on the Epworth Hospital East and West Wings project, before becoming a general foreman in 1937. He supervised the construction of the AMP Building in Lonsdale Street, which was completed after Alf retired, at the age of 50, in July 1957. Alf was so highly regarded by the Hansen Yuncken management team that he was given the company's first ever retirement dinner, as well as the more commonly awarded company pension.