Ovaltine Factory, TAS

Hansen Yuncken make its first expansion interstate in 1937 when it commenced building the T&G Office in Hobart. The company established a branch office in that building once it was completed, and sought other work in the state. In 1941, Hansen Yuncken was contracted to build the Ovaltine factory for Wenden & Co. at Spreyton, south of Devonport.

Like all the Tasmanian projects, Otto Yuncken took a keen interest in the Ovaltine factory, flying to Devonport for fortnightly site visits on the recently established Australian National Airways.

While the four-storey factory and its tall chimney were built using traditional materials and methods - brick and concrete, timber hoists, frames and scaffolds - it represented Hansen Yuncken's embrace of new transport technologies which enabled it to take on projects in other states that could be administered from the head office in Melbourne.