Every Journey Matters For Sydney's 9 Year Ferry Wharf Upgrade Program

Rare is the opportunity to expand on past works. The Ferry Wharf Upgrade Program however, has seen Hansen Yuncken expand on the foundations of a 9-year Managing Contractor relationship with the NSW Roads and Maritime Service (RMS) from initial construction of the Milsons Point wharf in 2010, to its’ redevelopment and expansion in 2017. Part of a 21-wharf cohort within Sydney Harbour and the Parramatta River, Hansen Yuncken’s involvement with Milsons Point Wharf represents the continued commitment to delivering sound community works.

Initiated in 2009 the project brief was to provide a common, sustainable, 50-year design life-span, to replace the variety of aging timber and concrete wharfs across Sydney Harbour and the Parramatta River. New wharves were to improve commuter amenities; protection from the wind and rain, provide accessibility for the less abled and reduce vessel disembarking/embarking time.

Including the iconic locations of Milsons Point, McMahons Point and Balmain East, delivery of each wharf has been a unique experience with the team overcoming a range of challenges such as relocating endangered Sea Horses, working in direct proximity to noise sensitive residential areas, locating high voltage power submarine cables and maintaining ferry services alongside construction.

A highlight of the 9-year project has been the continued commitment to the skill development of Hansen Yuncken, RMS and Subcontractors’ staff, with the projects’ collaborative environment offering a fantastic platform for learning and relationship building. This is demonstrated through the outstanding Safety and Environmental record across all wharf development sites.

Each successive wharf has seen the application of continuous design improvement principals to enhance amenities, increase client value and ease whole of life maintenance requirements. A standout is the 2017 Milsons Point Wharf Expansion which features a world first hydraulic ram system to allow the automatic height adjustment of each wharf platform to suit the freeboard of individual Ferries.

We are not purely building a structure, but a transportation mode which will integrate into the larger transportation network and assist the wider community. Each wharf is a unique project and our strong relationship with the Maritime subcontractors has enabled us to carry out each project successfully.

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