As the construction landscape is ever evolving, so is our approach to systems and technology.  We continually seek smarter and more efficient processes to improve every aspect of our business.

We add value to our clients by applying industry-leading practices in construction methodology, programming, cost planning and quality assurance while we continue to prioritise safety. With the implementation of our award winning platform HYway, we usher in a revolutionary new era in project management and effective communication.

Receiving international acclaim for innovation, HYway is our unique in-house collaboration and information management platform, in development since 2010, using Microsoft SharePoint. Affording us with real time information for decision-making, HYway integrates disparate systems to provide intelligent reporting at all levels of the company. The key is the integration of geographical and spatial environments. This gives us, our clients and business partners an accurate visual picture of our business, individual projects or multiple work sites, at any point in time. It offers unparalleled transparency of actual performance.

Electronic workflows, which replace the paper trail and associated duplication, together with future integration with BIM, will drive greater efficiencies across all aspects of our business—allowing us to deliver greater value to our clients.

The adoption of BIM forms part of Hansen Yuncken's broader business strategy. Involving SmartSystems, we capture project intelligence using our integrated management platform Hyway, to better inform us and drive behavioural change across the organisation.

One such project benefitting from BIM is the new Royal Adelaide Hospital— a $1.85b PPP that is currently the largest hospital project in Australia. The adoption of latest technologies has enabled the design and construction team to work smarter, faster and more efficiently, improving cooperation across the entire supply chain and fostering a more engaged working environment.

At the forefront of the application of this technology, some of our senior leadership team are today working with Universities to teach BIM to their students.

As featured in a detailed technical write-up in the July/August edition of Image & Data Manager Magazine, this new management and communications platform is truly ground breaking across the industry.