Always improving. Even on our improvements.

We take the HYway.

HYway is our forward-looking in-house management platform. Bringing together geographical information with project planning and management systems, it gives our team, clients and partners a bird’s-eye view of every project, at every point in time. Like so many Hansen Yuncken innovations, it’s won international acclaim, receiving a Platinum Award in Intranet Innovation.

A bird’s-eye view of every project, even for mere mortals.

HYway streamlines the way we manage our projects, and Building Information Modelling (BIM) gives us a new way to look at them.

The new Royal Adelaide Hospital, for example, is a complex $2 billion private-public-partnership with multiple moving parts. Our industry-leading BIM system has helped the project team work faster and more efficiently, streamlining communications between multiple stakeholders and suppliers.

BIM is ground-breaking today, but will be commonplace in the future. That’s why we’re working with universities to implement BIM and other new virtual construction techniques into the curriculum, helping educate the next generation of construction professionals.