What we do

Hansen Yuncken is uniquely placed as a leading Australian construction company, proud of our 100 year history and continuous private ownership.

With the advantages of our fully accessible management team, we offer fast client response and an ability to take innovations to market quickly, cultivating a proactive environment where initiative is rewarded and productive ideas flourish.

Our clients underpin each and every business decision.

A commitment to excellence puts the needs of our clients at the core of our business decisions. Working collaboratively, our client relationships are built upon an open and honest approach allowing us to deliver on our promises regardless of the scale or complexity of the project. Through early involvement, we offer innovative design and construction solutions and ensure our best people are on hand to achieve the required time, cost, quality, safety and environmental outcomes.

Our values define us: what we offer, what makes us special, it’s the way we do business.

We are honest and accountable in all our business relationships, understanding that strong, productive relationships are at the heart of project success. We address challenges early and proactively, working with you to find the best solutions. Our upfront and transparent approach means we invest heavily at the beginning of projects to meticulously plan, pre-empt issues and seek opportunities to enhance outcomes.

Innovation is one of our distinguishing qualities. Fostering a forward-thinking culture our employees are all empowered to demonstrate initiative and creativity in re-imagining each project, deriving smarter solutions across design, constructability and environmental and social sustainability.  We recognise our responsibility to meaningfully contribute to the fabric of the communities we help to create.

Our lean, local ownership structures gives us the edge in flexibility and responsiveness to changing requirements, whether client, market or technology driven. Hands on, our management team remains actively involved and accessible to make timely and informed decisions. This personable approach permeates through our project teams, with an emphasis on collaboration to fully meet our client’s aspirations.

We are conscious of the inherent risks in major project delivery. Our exceptional longevity, solid financial backing, stable and talented teams and absolute dedication to quality delivery of sustainable outcomes, places your project in safe hands. As a trusted partner we see ourselves as stewards of not just your project, but your business, cultivating a long term outlook. Viewing your business holistically we offer guidance, advice and considered options, drawn from our wealth of experience and our commitment to service.


Agile, upfront and transparent: construction re-imagined as a service.

Agility is embedded in our ownership structure. As a result, we respond quickly, adapting or evolving our delivery methods to suit your unique set of circumstances, working with you to map out the best-fit solution.

By investing time upfront, we set the stage for success – driving efficiencies in design, buildability, sustainability and whole of life outcomes – ultimately extracting the greatest value.

Across a range of procurement types, excellence in delivery is underpinned by the expertise and longevity of our staff, the comprehensive and streamlined systems we have developed – internationally acclaimed for innovation – with the unique ability to offer unprecedented client service, with full access and transparency across your project.

These include:
» Early Contractor Involvement
» Development packaging
» Public Private Partnerships (PPP)
» Alliance/Relationship Contracting
» Managing Contractor
» Project and Construction Management
» Design and Construct/Turnkey
» Fixed Price Contracts.


Embracing creativity and innovation

Being at the forefront of implementing practical technologies, we deliver greater efficiencies for you.

As the construction landscape is ever evolving, so is our approach to systems, technology and innovation. We continually seek smarter and more efficient ways to improve every aspect of our business.

Across our business, paper is out and digital technology is in. We continue to add value to our clients by applying industry-leading practices in construction methodology, programming, cost planning and quality assurance while we continue to prioritise safety. With the implementation of our award winning platform HYway, the rollout of digital management tools and mobile tools we usher in a revolutionary new era in project management and effective communication. At Hansen Yuncken, your project is at our fingers tips.