What we do

Building tomorrow’s icons. 

The way we work

They say innovation is relative to time. At Hansen Yuncken, we have a history of it. In 1929, we invented a suspended scaffold to replaster the domed ceiling at Melbourne’s State Library. In 1985, we converted Adelaide Railway Station into a casino while the trains were still running below. And in 2011, we managed to etch our way into the side of a peninsula on the banks of the picturesque Derwent River, giving life to the globally iconic MONA – Museum of Old and New Art.

While we can’t predict every detail of our future, we can tell you about the foundations that have fostered our successful past. Our collaborations are open and fair. Our people are and always will be some of the best in the industry. Our projects are timely. And our mission is to expand and diversify our sector by bringing the wisdom of age and the agility of problem solving to every project we touch. If innovation is relative, we’ll be relating for a long time – past present and into the far-flung future.

What we value.

Every project requires a plan, whether it’s made of concrete and steel or people and ideas. Our plan is our value statement; the blueprint for everything we do at Hansen Yuncken – today, tomorrow and beyond.

It all starts with our character: namely, the value we place on integrity. We honour our commitments, deliver what we promise, and are open and transparent about everything we do. We listen to, support and communicate clearly with our stakeholders, weighing their expectations, objectives and time as much as ours. Respect, we feel, should be mutual.

At Hansen Yuncken, we treasure innovation – it’s deep in our DNA. Always enterprising, we never stop looking for new opportunities to simplify, streamline, improve and iterate. And we never stop raising the bar. Rather than just meeting standards, we push to exceed them, whether in our projects, our business operations or our talented people.

How we deliver.

Even before Otto Yuncken devised his suspended scaffold in 1929, innovation has formed the beating heart of every Hansen Yuncken project. We never stop looking for better, more efficient ways to do our job: better tools, better techniques, and better technologies. Take, for example, our award-winning management system HYway – an industry-leading tool for project planning and management.

We’ve re-imagined construction as a service industry. It’s about how we can help, not just what we can build, so we’re always evolving our delivery procedures to suit each client’s specific requirements. Our capabilities include:

  • Early contractor involvement
  • Development packaging
  • Public Private Partnerships (PPPs)
  • Alliance and relationship contracting
  • Project and construction management
  • Design and construct
  • Fixed price contracts.

But of course, every project is unique, presenting its own blend of challenges. We never just apply a system: we take on a challenge. That’s how we build solutions – not just buildings – that are timely, efficient, and sustainable into the future.