60 Years of Leadership: Peter Hansen Celebrates A Significant Milestone

2023 marks an important milestone for Peter Hansen, who this week celebrated not only his 60th anniversary since his appointment as a Director, but also 65 years since joining the business.

Peter has done and seen it all as a man who has worn many hats over the years. From a Project Manager on the HC Sleigh office building in Queen Street Melbourne, leading the Victorian operations through a successful period from 1975 to the early ‘80s, to National Construction Director, National Business Development Director, Managing Director and Executive Chairman. He then stepped down and handed over to the next generation in 2010 and has continued as a Non-Executive Director.

During his first 30 years, Peter initiated many vital changes to the business that continue to be developed, enabling Hansen Yuncken to maintain its position as a leading national builder. These include developing national systems and initiating a joint venture with Sydney builder LW Giles in 1989. This relationship allowed Hansen Yuncken to cement its presence in the NSW market with a partner who shared the commitment to clients and employees.

Then came the big career challenge of the next 30 years. The then third generation of Hansen's all decided it was time to sell their shareholdings, except for Peter, who then had to create the ideas and means for a new HY.

In 1994, Peter created a new company to take over the building business of the old and invited Ron Beslich and his company to join him and Peter’s family company in the new partnership. Richard Hansen and David Beslich continue as the senior representatives of that partnership and maintain hands on executive roles, leading the company with talented management teams across Australia.


"The story of Hansen Yuncken is the story of its people. Techniques and technologies change, but the basic principles of ethical behaviour, respect for fellow employees, respect for customers, hard work, teamwork, loyalty and pride in your work and company have not. These principles remain the bedrock at Hansen Yuncken." - Peter Hansen, Director/former Chairman


In his semi-retirement, Peter enjoys several games of golf a week and travelling around Australia, visiting our projects and keeping in touch with our people. He continues to serve on the Board of Directors, contributing his lifetime of knowledge and experience to ensure Hansen Yuncken carries on our legacy started over 100 years ago by Lauritz Hansen and Otto Yuncken.

Congratulations to Peter on this extraordinary 65 year career and outstanding vision, determination and leadership as a Director of 60 years.


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