NewCold Advanced Cold Logistics #1 - Frozen Store


$65 million

Delivery Method DC


The NewCold Advanced Cold Logistics # 1 - Frozen Store facility is one of the two new generation ‘high-bay’ logistics facilities that HY has undertaken for Dutch group NewCold, a global provider of cold store facilities and cold chain logistics.

At 37m high, internal specifications included the high bay area requiring a low oxygen content environment and temperature zones reaching down to sub-zero freezer conditions colder than that of Everest Base Camp at -23°C. Other notable features include the high level of automation required for daily operations, oxygen reduction fire safety technology and the latest energy-conserving systems.

With its greater height, the facility holds up to 100,000 pallets and eight double stacker cranes permitting more efficient use of space and cost savings on the size of expensive floor slabs while consuming less power than conventional cold storage warehouses. In addition to the high bay space, the facility has two automatic truck loading docks.