Mornington Centre - Stage 2 Development


$22 million

Delivery Method LS


The Mornington Centre Stage 2 building was part of the staged development of a large integrated centre for the Peninsula region, south of Melbourne, Australia. Providing clinical services that promote health independence for the aged, the 4,000m2 facility includes a 30 bed inpatient ward on first floor and an integrated ambulatory care centre at ground.

Hansen Yuncken partnered with architects Billard Leece Partnership to provide an environment to care for dementia patients with an average length of stay approximately 28 days; a supportive setting to encourage mobility and teach independence. This award-winning facility includes a range of sustainability initiatives:

  • Timber sourced from intensively and sustainably managed forests, with certification in accordance with Australian Forestry Standard AS.4708 and full chain of custody.
  • Utilisation of natural wool insulation beyond minimum legal requirements.
  • The incorporation of self-shading windows with the utilisation of high performance glazing over minimum requirements.
  • Mixed mode ventilation to all areas, including the use of thermal chimneys to enhance ventilation when windows are open.
  • The provision of Feed Screens within public areas displaying resource information with usage data relative to targets/benchmarks.
  • Specification of high efficiency fans and motors to reduce energy consumption.
  • Specification of larger ducts and efficient air handling equipment to reduce the work required by fans and thereby reducing energy consumption.
  • Utilisation of intelligent lighting controls, including daylight sensors to corridors and patient areas.
  • High efficiency chiller plant and higher efficiency condensing units.
  • CO2 monitoring and control to allow for the adjustment of outside air rates to suit occupancy levels.
  • Rainwater harvesting for toilet flushing and landscape irrigation.



2015 AIB VIC Commercial Construction $10m - $50m, High Commendation