Shepparton Villages 120 Bed Development


$28 million

Delivery Method DC


Located in central Shepparton, Victoria, the new residential aged care facility helps to meet the growing needs of the aged population in the region by offering quality accommodation to residents who require low-care through to high-level complex care, as well as support for people living with dementia.

The new 120 bed facility includes 8487m2 of floorspace over two levels, with each level of the building comprising: 

  • A central core, which contains back-of-house areas and services, including kitchens and nurse stations 
  • 60 residential rooms with adjoining ensuite split into three distinct groups of 20 rooms each 

The Shepparton Village site is surrounded by the existing Chas Johnson Reserve. Landscaping was designed to tie in seamlessly with the existing Reserve, extending inside the building, in the form of four courtyards dispersed at regular intervals throughout the facility.